Main flow prototype video
Main flow
Screen 01
Screen 02
Screen 03
Screen 04

Login Screen, with a light logo refresh.

Screen 05

Chat with your coach, and share media between the two of you to better your results.

Screen 06

Daily circuit routines updated based on preferences/style

Screen 07

After hitting the "+" button, you can add a workout and record one of the three.

Screen 08

This is an example of the "Record a Workout" Screen and it begins at the top of your daily
circuit from the training page and moves down through the program.

Screen 08

"Record a Run" screen, similar to bike rides, allows you to map and
stop/start your trip as well as log mileage and path.

Screen 09

Audio workouts for when you want headphones in, and to
use a local park pull-up bar for your entire workout.

Screen 10

This screen would allow users to track their own personal goals based on the
more they track in the app, also offering achievements.

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